Welcome Rob Hendrickson!

Hi Devoted Ink Fans!

We have great news. We have just brought on Rob Hendrickson as Devoted Ink’s newest artist.


We know all of you have been very patient, waiting to get in the books and we thank you for that. Just know that we have been understaffed with artists because we are not compromising with the level of talent that we (and you) should be expecting out of our shop. We also are making sure that the staff we bring on loves the Lord and can always be held accountable to His word. And with those two requests its like a needle in a haystack out there. So lets welcome this needle!

He has a ton of experience and is very well rounded, from black and grey realism to color bio (see pictures below if you dont know what “bio” is). Him and his family just moved into town so come say hi and book an appointment before its too late this summer!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Rob Hendrickson!

  1. I am looking at getting a half sleeve Japanese koi tattoo. Approximately how many hours and what is your hourly rate?

    • We cannot quote how many hours a half sleeve will take but we can say that it will be $100 an hour. If you come into the shop for a free consult we can discuss the design and maybe get you a ballpark quote.

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