BUSY at the Santa Maria Convention!

Santa MariaThere was a Tattoo Convention called the Central City Tattoo and Arts show in Santa Maria this Cinco de Mayo weekend and Devoted Ink chose this one to be their debut. It was full of good clean tattooing. Matt tattooed the Girl MC of the event and Derek tattooed one of the staff members manning the front table. They got to do a wide range of styles while they were there, from new school japanese, to hard traditional. They were selling a ton of merchandise from hats, to shirts, to stickers. Lyle Tuttle even snagged a few stickers and said he was putting one in his museum and taking the other to France with him. To wrap it up it was a ton of work getting everything in the U-Haul and driving 5 hrs there and back but it was well worth it. Matt and Derek were accompanied by Taryn and Drew McElvany as booth helpers. (check out the tattoos they did below)Firecracker,bhindearConvention cover upmermaidcrossmyrock

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